Monday, September 06, 2010

Sniffle and Sneeze

No boxing tonight due to Labor Day.  I could have gone down to the church's gym and got in a workout, but choose to spend time with Glynn and Margaret's cat, Esther.  The problem is, cat dander and kitty litter aggravates my allergies.  Oh, I can take over-the-counter medicine, but it takes awhile to kick in.  I've gone through a lot of tissues today.

It seems that I should be sniffling and sneezing all the time at Loyola Gym.  The place does have a dry, musty smell, and there is dust.  But I guess I've been going there for so long that I'm mostly immune to it. 

I have half a mind not to work out at the church's gym tomorrow, but if I don't, then there's just Wednesday.  I doubt that I would have another chance to get in an extra workout this week.  It's too close to Loyola Park's boxing show on the 24th for me to slack off.  A friend at church, Jena, was amazed to find out that I have no idea who I will fight on that night.  "Usually, people don't know until they get to the fight," I told her.  There's also the possibility of not having a match made at all.  I've been in that situation too many times before, which is why I was so thrilled to finally have the two fights I did late last year. 

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