Friday, August 27, 2010

Coming In the Other Door

Alan forgot that he had to attend a wedding on Wednesday night, so he wasn't able to come in.  "Tell the guys there's no sparring," he told me when he called Tuesday afternoon.  I meant to ask him if he had told Mary that he wasn't going to be in.  Rob had to call her to make sure it was okay for the gym to be opened, so she might not have known. The summer session officially ended last week, and we're in a break period.  The fall session doesn't begin until September 20th.  "Mary said it's okay, but don't let anyone spar," Rob informed me.

The gym door was sticky again, so Rob had to let us in through the door that's in the second basketball gym.  Only Anthony, Ralphie and Professor came in.  Professor told me he had a fight at a downtown gym on Thursday night.  I told him that I would try to go.  Later, I remembered that I couldn't because I had to go to paralegal class.  I'll have to ask him how it went the next time I see him.

It was a quiet night, one that ended right at 9:00 PM.  The door leading to the basketball gym had to be left cracked open while we were inside.  If it closed, we would have been locked in.  Luckily, none of the guys playing hoops wandered in.  It's happened in the past.  They were gone at least a half-hour before we left. 

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