Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Eye For Sparring

About two weeks ago, I began to notice white lights flashing in my right eye.  It doesn't seem to happen much during the day, but as the hours go on, the light show begins.  While at the gym on Monday, Alan said that he had noticed the same thing going on in one of his eyes.  Years ago, he'd had some damage to an eye repaired after a retina became detached. The lights had begun to show, indicating tearing in the retina, awhile before he went to a doctor. "You better have that checked out," he told me.

I wasn't much for sparring that night because I was feeling out of sorts.  I came home after work and spent most of the afternoon laying on the couch.  After Alan told me about his eye, I decided to forego sparring for awhile until I can get to an eye doctor.  I don't even remember getting hit in my right eye recently (the left has taken some shots, however).  Can't take a chance on making a potential condition worse, however. 

Once I tell the folks who've always discouraged me from boxing to begin with -- namely, a lot of folks at church -- I'll never hear the end of it.  "See?  We told you that you could get hurt!  Now, you could go blind!" they'll say.  Some will remind me of when Willie, who attends my church, got hit so hard once that he was seeing double for awhile.  "See?  You really need to stop that and do something else!" they'll say. 

It certainly puts the potential fight I have in September at Loyola Park in trouble.  Sigh. . .if I go to the eye doctor and they do find something wrong. . .every time I've gone to the doctor since this century began, something wrong has been found. 

LaShawn surprised me by coming in.  She was the one who sparred with Jamil her first night in the gym.  She also tore her knee up, too.  She figured she had stepped down wrong at some point while sparring.  Luckily, she only needs physical therapy and not surgery.  She said she would back in the gym soon. 

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