Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look Out For Flying Headgear

No sparring for me again Wednesday night.  I have an appointment with the eye doctor this weekend, so sparring is on hold until I get the results about that.  Plenty of action in the ring generated by others, however.  First up was Professor and his brother Miles.  Miles threw some solid hits, even more so when he was up against Anthony.  Anthony rallied back in a later round, and caught Miles with some bombs.  "I was proud of how you did," Alan told Anthony later.

Since I could not spar with Evangelina, she got in the squared circle with Randy.  It didn't look like he was hitting hard, but I've been in the ring with him enough to know that he can.  Evangelina got in one while Randy was backing up towards the rope.  His headgear flew off.  "Whoa!  Time out!" I called out.  Alan quickly put his headgear back on, and the action resumed.  Josh commented, "She's aggressive!"  Professor agreed with him.

Randy's headgear flew off two more times, each time right behind a hit from Evangelina.  Both Alan and I noticed that she was slapping at Randy several times.  Both of us suggested that she throw her punches straight on. Randy did catch her in the face a few times, but as usual, Evangelina took it and carried on.  There was a cut on her lip after the last round. 

Matthew (Alan's son) was in with Ralphie.  Matthew brought in his iPod and a speaker, playing a mix of heavy metal and rap.  While he and Ralphie were sparring, a heavy metal song played.  Alan kept telling the guys to take it easy.  During a break, Ralphie laughed, "I think this music is pumping him up!" 

As I guessed correctly, news about possible tearing in the retina in my right eye brought about shock and dismay among the church folks.  I announced the problem during the woman's fellowship gathering on Tuesday night.  Suggestions were made -- again -- for me to give up boxing.  The thought crossed my mind that I may just have to be satisfied with the workout only if I get some funky news from the eye doctor. 

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