Monday, November 19, 2007

The Little Boy Named Danger

Danger is the middle name of Steve's son, Eli. Steve admitted that he would like a second child. "Their middle name could be Trouble. Wouldn't that be cool if one of their friends was talking to another friend and said, 'Hey, I'm coming over and I'm bringing Danger and Trouble!'" I found that to be very funny. But what if the second child is a girl? Reminds me of something my late father used to say, "I'd rather have had all boys because girls are nothin' but trouble."

Eli had a ball to play with. At one point, I was bouncing the ball around in the gym. Eli, who's one and a half years old, walked up and abruptly took it away from me. "I guess he told you," Mike laughed. I had to laugh, too.

Steve told us that his dad would really spank him and his brothers when he was a kid (but not so much his sister). "Neither I or Ellen will ever spank Eli. Spanking's not necessary." JJ and I told him how our fathers would knock us about when we were kids. All my dad had to hear was that one of had done something. He never investigated the facts or whether or not it was true. He'd just walk up on you and backslap you. After yelling at him and proving I didn't do something, his response was, "Well, that'll serve for next time."

I overheard Steve saying he wishes he could have the old speed bag platform up. The new one won't hold the new speed bag. No one can touch the bag for too long without it falling to the floor. There's a need for a bigger wrench to attempt to screw the speed bag in so that it stays, but one is not available at this time.

The USA Amateur Boxing rules are sitting somewhere on the floor in my apartment. I managed to clean the bathroom and the kitchen over the weekend, but the main room needs work. It won't be long before announcements regarding signing up for the Golden Gloves appear. I'll have to register as a coach when that happens, but I need to attend a certification class before then. I need to read up on the rules before then.

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