Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back To The Gym

I was sick with a bad cold all last week. Last night was my first night back in the gym. Before leaving for the gym, I noticed that the door of a neighbor down the hall was open. Their lights were off. Assuming that they were coming out soon, I thought nothing else of it and left for the gym.

Mike came in with a friend of his named Eric. Mike was showing him the basics. Jordan's friend, the one who's been drug-free for a few years, showed up, too. He was hitting the one of the heavy bags with no gloves. Over and over again, people have to be told not to do that. It's too easy to injure one's hands like that. Jordan told me, "That's how we train in martial arts, on concrete, on glass, etc." Steve told Jordan's friend that he couldn't hit the bags, anyway, unless he pays the gym fee. He probably could have filled out a waiver form, like Eric did, in order to get a workout in for that night only. It appears, however, that Jordan has been telling his friend that he can just show up and use the equipment, which is not correct.

A lanky 14-year old kid, Rashaun, was standing at the entrance of the gym for a long time, peering in. I talked to him, and gave him info to take home to his mom. He stated that he would like for her to sign him up for boxing.

Javonte showed up. He said that his new daughter's name is Sierra, which is a pretty name. However, he hinted that things were not going well between him and the baby's mama. I asked him to bring in pictures of the baby the next time he comes in.

JJ had a fight on Monday, so he wasn't in. Probably took the night off. I don't know how he did, though, and I forgot to ask Steve.

When I got home after the gym, I saw that my neighbor's door was still wide open. I went to the door, called out "hello", but got no response. Then I noticed the frame was damaged, indicating that someone might have kicked the door in. I called the police. They said it looked like a break-in, too, but it appears that nothing was taken. However, they couldn't be sure because the tenant wasn't there to verify it. I gave them the number of the building manager, and I called the building manager's answering service to let them know what happened. The on-call management person didn't show before the cops left, so the cops secured the door the best they could.

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