Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where Are The Regulars?

All of the newcomers except for Amy showed up Friday, but of the people who've been there awhile, only JJ, Bony and G came in. This is the about the third time in a row that the regulars have been missing, and now I'm wondering: what's up? That's the type of behavior I've come to expect out of the newcomers, but not the guys who are usually always around.

G said that the Loyola Park boxing show got high marks from many. It appears that people were impressed with the fighters. I gave Steve my DVD copy of the boxing show so he could burn copies for himself, Mort and Larry.

Steve told me to keep doing the exercises that James gave me for my sore left shoulder. "I liked James. He seems to know his stuff," he said. I did the exercises when I came home from the gym, and I plan to continue them over the weekend. My shoulder doesn't feel as bad as it used to, but it still needs improvement.

I opted not to go to Hamlin Park today, due to my shoulder. I had to buy some more pain killers, and I can never remember what I can take. Since I have hypertension and diabetes, I have to be careful what over-the-counter meds I take.

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