Thursday, October 11, 2007

Four For Class

Steve called me before I went to work yesterday morning, explaining that he had to prepare a talk he's going to give to some professors. I agreed to open the gym that evening.

Only five of the new people showed up, and one did his own workout (can't think of his name, but he was wearing a paramedic's association T-shirt). The other four -- Aren, Nina, and an engaged couple -- and I got into the ring to go over what Steve had taught them. We reviewed the left jab and right cross. I added the left hook, side-to-side footwork and pivoting. It was a pleasant, but quiet evening. Of the guys who come in often, only Ben and Bony came in.

Mary pointed out some of the work that had been done in the gym. The ring ropes had been tightened, an Everlast heavy bag had been put up, and a couple of Everlast banners had been hung. Today, the body snatcher bag and new speed bag platform will be installed. The double end bag may be moved over to provide more room on the floor. Things are looking good; it's just of matter of finding out when and if any of the boxers participating in the World Boxing Championships will come to Loyola Park to work out. I understand that arrangements have already been made for the international boxers to work out at some of the other Park District gyms. Gary told me that when I saw him last Saturday morning, on my way to take care of some business at the credit union.

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Craig Gernhardt said...

Can you pop me a note if any of the world class boxers do make it to Rogers Park?