Sunday, October 14, 2007

Switzerland Guest

Steve said that a boxer from Switzerland, who wanted to learn "technical boxing", had planned to show up at the gym Friday night. According to Steve, the guy would be a good match for JJ, but the guy never showed up. The boxer is associated with the World Boxing Championships, so it is expected he'll visit the gym at some point. However, no word on if any other international boxers will come.

Mort showed up with his girlfriend, whose name I can't remember. He was happy to see all the new equipment, especially the speed bag, which is his favorite. Of the newcomers, there were Andy, Aren and Nina; their numbers seem to be dwindling, as what usually happens as the session goes on.

I had a good workout, despite the fact that my shoulder still hurts. My left leg is now hurting, too. That happened yesterday while I was dancing to a music video -- "New Jack Swing" by Wrecks N' Effects -- I was converting from VHS to DVD. Seems I forgot that I am no longer in my 20s (when the song was released), and that I've gained some pounds since that time. I foolishly thought I could still do the moves displayed in that video.

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