Friday, March 24, 2006

Last One Out Of The Room

Steve had told Mike to take the night off tonight. Mike lost his bout on Thursday, so he won't be going on to the semi-finals. He took a few hard shots and tired out early on. His opponent was tall with a long reach. His opponent was also out of the Evanston Boxing Club, an outfit who seems extremely lucky in winning matches.

The other Mike, the tall one, showed up briefly tonight in a pair of sandals. He asked Steve to step outside to talk to him, and I instantly got the feeling something was wrong. When Steve came back, he announced that Mike had quit the gym. He had told Steve he was very busy (he's a student) and didn't want to approach the sport half-assed. A few of the other guys made fun of the fact that tall Mike didn't come back in to say goodbye, but I understood--it was a pride thing.

Keith showed up again, and so did Mort, who hadn't been in the gym for I don't know how long. I remember how he slipped his phone number to my niece. I keep thinking that Mort might make a better boyfriend than that character she's mooning over now.

Steve hadn't slept much over the past couple of days. The combination of being at the Gloves and having a newborn son at home took its toll, so he jetted for home early. I closed up after all the other guys left. It's a nice feeling being the only one in the gym. I pretend that that it's my own personal workout space. I wish I could afford to have something like that at home.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Boxing Tomboy -- I can see you owning a place like this for women boxers. The local gym my husband belongs to has boxing classes, but I don't know if they go as far as actual sparring.

I think we should have a section in the Purple Women sidebar for contributor's blogs don't you?