Thursday, March 23, 2006

He Punches, He Wins

The Golden Gloves is never without a bit of drama. After watching the unusual moves of his opponent, a guy from a place called Korea Gym, Junior figured out how to catch him with his punches. The guy went down twice, and the referee stopped the fight in Junior's favor. The coach of the other guy raised all kinds of hell, accusing both Junior and Steve of cheating.

The coach maintained that Junior was an open fighter and should not have put up against his guy. Steve easily proved otherwise, but the Korea Gym coach kept running his mouth. It got so bad that Gino, one of the refs, was also accusing Steve of misdeeds. Just an ugly scene.

Mike's fight is tomorrow night. Seems there are a lot of guys in his weight class and the officials had to double up a lot of the fights.

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