Friday, November 22, 2019

Speaking of Relatives

A guy named Terrance was working with a production crew that was filming scenes for an untitled movie at the field house.  He took this photo.  I'm smiling for the camera and Terrance.  However, the three in the background - Caiden, and his cousins Keith and Keon - I had no smiles available.

I don't know what is going on with them, but for the last week or so, running the class with them has been difficult.  It has gotten to the point that I'm not listened to at all, and I'm constantly being disrespected.  I called Caiden's mom, who said she would talk to him.  She also said she would talk with Keon and Keith's dad.  There has been no change in behavior, especially where Caiden is concerned.  Keith is just clueless.  I don't really feel right lumping Keon in with the other two because he is more serious about learning something than his brother and cousin.  But Keon gets distracted by them during class.

I often dread when youths who are related to each other are in the boxing class.  The youths play around with each other, etc., and nothing much in the way of training gets done.  There are exceptions.  For example, Jazzmyne and Elijah, siblings who are in the teen class, are always on-point in regards to working hard while they are in the gym. 

But not so with Caiden, Keith and Keon.  Those youths had been talking about their disinterest in boxing for a while.  I let it go for the longest time, but early last week, I couldn't act like I hadn't heard what was said. I put the boys in check for making statements in front of me about how they find boxing boring, they don't like shadowboxing, they don't want to do the warm-up, etc.  I also brought up how I didn't appreciate the disrespect that was shown towards Rick, a former coach who has been stopping by the gym.  All have said they don't plan to be in the class after this current session is over.  Ever since that conversation, the relationship between them and I has gone down. 

I gave them the option of not coming to the gym at all anymore.  After all, their parents wouldn't be losing any money because boxing is free for youths.  Keith gave me some explanation as to why they won't drop the class, but I was so angry with Keith and his brother and cousin that I didn't pay attention to what was said.  I don't even pretend to want to train them anymore, and my level of sarcasm is off the charts whenever I have to say anything to them.  All is left is counting down the days until this session is over. 

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