Thursday, November 14, 2019

Seeing Sabotage From The Outside

David apparently assumed that I would be happy to see him.  David hadn't been in the gym for nearly two weeks.  "Where have you been?" was my greeting.  "I was in church," David replied.  It was something that he knew about in advance, so I should have been notified.  However, being considerate in that manner keeps going over David's head, and his cousin Vanessa doesn't get it, either. Vanessa has been MIA for about the same length of time. Their cousin Esteban was a no-show most of the time when he was registered in the class.

Luckily, Jazzmyne, who is more serious about the sport, was in the gym during the teen class.  I ignored David for the short 20 minutes he works out just because I could, and I focused on her.  Jazzmyne's dad, Johnathan, is planning to register her younger brother, Elijah, for the winter session. 

It was pointed out to me by someone who has hung around the field house a few times that the boxing program is being sabotaged.  Unfortunately, that's not new information.  That has been going on basically from the first day I started working for the park district.  I know some of the reasons why.  For example, some of it springs from the "Hillari doesn't like kids" whispering.  Yeah, that rumor has been running since 2015 with no sign of slowing down.  Other reasons aren't clear, but the situation is one of the main reasons why the boxing program at LaFollette hasn't grown much. 

I'm still working on expanding my wish list of what I would like to happen in the gym.  However, finding cooperation from everyone involved is not going to be easy to do. 

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