Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fall Feast and Famine

Just as I predicted would happen, someone showed up in the middle of class on the first day of the fall session to register for the boxing class.  David was that person.  But I'm no longer going to disrupt the class to spend 20 minutes to sign up anyone.  I told David and his mom to either show up before class to sign up or go to the next closest field house to sign up if they can't make it down to LaFollette Park early enough.  David's cousin decided not to come back to class.  Can't say I was heartbroken about that.

Juan dropped out of the teen class.  Someone offered him what sounds like a poor deal to train at a private gym.  Sahia and I were the last to be told of Juan's schedule change.  I learned that Juan's dad had continued to complain about lack of equipment at LaFollette Park despite being told that a public gym has a limited budget.  So I guess Pedro got his wish to have his son at what he believes is a better gym.  But young, decent fighters are often lured into private gyms to be shark bait for other fighters those gyms want to build up and promote.  I hope Juan doesn't get hurt.

Both the kids and the teen class were empty today.  Depending on what time I have available, and how I feel, I may or may not make courtesy calls to remind people that the fall session has started.

The adult class with Shay, C.C., and Virginia was the best class of the day.  Alex, who is also signed up for that class, will come in tomorrow, as his birthday happened to fall on the first day of class.  Of course, Shay, Sahia's daughter, has been in the class before.  C.C. and Virginia were showing some decent skills.  They are mainly interested in getting in shape. 

A speed bag platform broke off from one of the heavy bag stands.  Luckily it was discovered before it might have fallen on someone.  It'll have to be replaced, but that won't happen soon.  There never seems to be a budget for anything I need to run the boxing program.  I haven't received any new equipment for at least three years. 

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