Friday, June 09, 2017

Jobs At The Fights

Blood was in one of the sinks in the men's washroom in the gym a couple of days ago.  Both David and Abraham were rocked by punches given out by Iz during sparring.  The real test is going to see how fast that blood gets cleaned up -- if it is cleaned at all.  I wasn't at the gym yesterday because I had to go to CPR training, so I didn't see if that job had been done.  There's long been a problem with the downstairs washrooms not being as clean as they should be.  I'll put it like this -- spraying disinfectant in the air and just pouring bleach in the toilets and leaving it is not the proper way to clean the washrooms.

I was thinking that by the time Ariel signs up for the summer session two or three weeks will have gone by.  She graduates from 8th grade today, and she's going on vacation next week.  She will not be ready for LaFollette's boxing show due to the days she will miss on top of the days she missed training during the spring session.  If I'm not mistaken, Ariel showed up less than 20 days during the session which runs for 50 days.  She has good hands and decent movement.  However, none of that is necessarily going to help her against another girl who was training more.  I plan to put Ariel to work -- if she shows up -- on helping with the glove table at the boxing show.

I expect Iz, David, and Abraham to work the glove table if they don't get fights, too.  They could also help me in the corner if one of them gets a fight and the others don't.  It has irritated me a bit when kids who didn't get fights in past LaFollette boxing show immediately go home.  They should stay to watch the fights especially if they've never had one to get an idea of what to expect.  I'm also about teaching kids how to work the corners and warm other kids in the class up for fights by using the mitts, so they should stick around for that, too.  My goal is to show the kids that there are many other jobs in the gym other than fighting.

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