Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Back To Loyola

Yesterday, I went to Loyola Park after not being there for a few weeks. I plan to go there weekly again during the summer months, but play it by ear once the weather turns cold again.  I was surprised at the energy I had; it was a good workout.

There was a good amount of sparring with the most interesting session taking place between Erica and Danielle.  It may have been Danielle's first time sparring.  She was covering up her face a lot, but she was not returning a lot of punches, even when she was close enough in range to do so.  Danielle would run up on Erica, but not do much when she got there.  Later, Danielle told me that she didn't want to hurt her.  Erica took it easy on her during the session and gave her some tips.

Meanwhile at LaFollette .  .  . I've already gotten notices from Barry at Loyola and Ernest at Fuller that they want me to contact them.  Everyone wants to see if they can pre-match fighters for my boxing show which happens during the last week of this month.  I'm thinking I shouldn't have much of a problem with getting bouts for Iz, Abraham, and David.  I have been putting a little more on the boys to get them ready.  I have them run on the track in the back of the field house for a few laps a couple of days out of the week, for example.

Ariel graduates from 8th grade this week.  She is the salutatorian of her class.  She told me she's going to have her mother sign her up for the summer session which begins next week.   I'm wondering with her busy summer schedule that includes a job and volunteer work how is she going to fit training in.

Due to new crash bars that have been installed on the doors in the gym at LaFollette, some of those doors can no longer be locked.  I don't like the feeling that the gym may be less secure, but there is not much I can do about it.  Someone was in my office/equipment room space again -- things were moved around -- which irritated me and did not add to me feeling positive about the crash bars.  The bladder inside one of the speed bags was busted, so I had to replace it.  I was also able to hang up another bag so finally, all three of the heavy bag/speed bag stands has a speed bag on it.  Now if I could only get the other equipment I ordered months ago, that would be nice.

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