Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas and Hanukkah Boxing

Yesterday, I pointed out to Alan that it has been a year since Colonel (Ken), who stands to the left in the photo above had passed away.  I still miss him.  Alan wondered how Kenny, Colonel's son, was holding up.  We haven't seen him since he came to the gym months ago.

I almost didn't go to Loyola Park because the temperatures have been so frigid.  But I just bundled up, toughened it out, and took the walk.  A recent trip to the doctor revealed that I have some muscle weakness in my left leg.  However, I didn't have as many problems with that leg as I walked to the gym.

I was wearing a hoodie that a Facebook friend, Scott, had sent me for my birthday.  The hoodie reads, "Don't let your president get your ass whooped," which is a statement directed at the racists and misogynists who voted for Donald Trump.  Those set of his supporters lately have been thinking that they can step to people of color and women any kind of way because their "hero" is now the president-elect.  I showed Alan the shirt, and he smiled.

Timothy, who usually spends a lot of the gym time taking pointers from his friend Lamar, sparred with Ro.  Lamar kept telling him to "trust your defense".

Lauren, the quiet law student, sparred with Kathy.  I kept thinking, "Lauren is a solid-built woman.  If she really put some power behind those punches, she'd give Kathy something to think about."  She did surprise Kathy with a straight punch in one of the later rounds.

Paul and his wife made some wonderful Christmas cookies which they brought in to share with everyone.  The mint chocolate cookies were especially good, and I ate more that I probably should have.

Barry has closed up the youth boxing program for the rest of the year.  I know he usually takes vacation around this time.  Paul, who is a volunteer, offered to keep the gym open for the kids, but Mary said no.  Alan's adult program has been open throughout the break period.  Christmas and New Year's Day are on Sundays this time around, so the park district will not be open on the Mondays following those holidays.  I won't be back down at Loyola until the new year.

Meanwhile, I have got done much of the stuff I wanted to catch up on down at LaFollette boxing gym.  I'm basically coasting until the winter session begins in January.

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