Saturday, November 12, 2016

No Support For The Sweet Science

James was the only one who showed up, so today was a long day in the gym.  The seasonal sports coach had a bake sale in the auditorium, and when his class was over, James headed upstairs to the event.  I followed behind him.  James brought some chips and cookies, while I just had enough to pay for a brownie.
As I sat in the empty gym savoring the brownie, I thought about how the event looked as if it was organized well.  In addition to the bake sale, there was also a card game tournament going on for the adults to participate in.  All of the funds would go to support the seasonal teams.

Earlier, an adult inquired about the adult boxing program just as I figured someone would.  They looked surprised when I told them that portion of the boxing program is now discontinued.  As time goes on, I'm finding it very hard to believe that the adults ever wanted a program there -- for themselves or for the kids.  I wish I could have fundraisers to get more equipment in the gym that is sorely needed.  It's not that I haven't tried to do that.  But the interest in the program from the surrounding community is just not there.  Not enough parents and guardians of the youth in the boxing program are actively involved like the parents whose kids play seasonal sports.  I guess I could take comfort that my program is not the only one that has been ignored in the park district.  But it makes no sense for people to complain "they never put anything over here for OUR kids" or "there's nothing here for us" when they don't inquire to see what is available.  Then when some program is canceled, the same people grumble about, "something is always being taken away from us" when they refused to support it while it was there.

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