Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Day Before Election Day

The boxing gym at Loyola Park was well-attended.  Even Igor - muttering to himself, as usual - was on the premises.  Matt, Alan's son, was there, too, along with Gabe, whom I hadn't seen in awhile.  "Sebastian will be going to school forever," Gabe grinned when I asked about his brother.

Matt sparred with Michael.  He also sparred with Ben and got in a good uppercut during one of the rounds.

I would have sparred, but I had been extremely stiff all day long.  Earlier, I had gone to the store to pick up a few groceries.  I practically stumbled back to my apartment.  Both knees were shaky, and my right leg felt like it was made out of concrete.  My right shoulder and the back of my neck were sore.  My prescriptions will run out soon, so when I pay a visit to the doctor, I'm going to get to the bottom of why I'm always stiff and slow-moving.

Emily sparred with Kathy; both Alan and I were giving her pointers.  She did get some decent body shots in on Kathy.

Tomorrow, I will have nothing to do in the gym at LaFollette because the gym is being used as a polling place.  Guess I'll catch up on some administrative stuff.

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