Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Four For The Show

I held the pads for Ariel.  Luckily, she reminded me to take off my glasses.  One of her punches got through and hit me in my left eye.  I checked it.  It's okay. I think.

Ariel, Donovan, Maz and James are the four I have for the boxing show at Humboldt Park.  Little James was waffling about whether or not he's going to attend.  Sigh. . . .that boy's focus has just been gone lately.  Today he left the gym early again.  Later, I checked with the seasonal sports coach about the field house football team's schedule.  "The football season is over.  Basketball is starting now," he told me.  James has no reason to leave class before the hour is over.  I worry about his chances if he gets a match.

I'm not worried about Ariel.  Leonard, one of the attendants, came in the gym and watched while she worked the punch mitts with Maz.  He was impressed.  "She looks like she knows what she's doing," he grinned.  I have complete confidence that Ariel will win against anyone they put her against.  I just hope there will be a fight for her -- that's my current worry.

Track practises have kept Donovan out of the gym twice a week, but he has begun to miss other days, too.  Donovan wasn't in the gym today, so he missed out on what sparring he could have gotten in.

Maz revealed that he has fought before and won a few fights.  I am so glad that his father, who used to box, also trains him at home.  I expect Maz to do well.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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