Monday, October 24, 2016


Professor stands in the doorway in this photo and watches as Robert, Rojan, and Matthew work out.

The ring at Loyola Park was busy as one sparring session after another took place.  The first few sessions were all-female ones, featuring Kathy, Lauren, and Gabs.  I begged off because my knees had been super wobbly all day long.  The pain killer I took before I went to the gym hadn't kicked in fast enough to make a difference.

Then it was the guys' (Matthew, Rojan, Robert, Connor, Lawrence, Alan) turn to show out.  I ended up monitoring the sparring between Matthew and Alan. I don't remember how many times I yelled out, "Break!" to those two, but it was a lot.  I could have sworn I heard Alan tell Matt, "Who are you angry with down at your job?" after Matt caught his father with a hard punch.

Alan reminded me that Humboldt Park's boxing show is next week.  He's planning on taking some people.  I'm hoping the ones in my gym that are usually up for going to shows -- Donovan and James -- can attend that one.  I was suggesting that Maz should attend the show at Brooks Park in late November. His parents said for me to let them know if he will be ready for that one.  Right now it looks as if Maz may not qualify.  He's been missing days in the gym here and there.

What I ain't gonna do is chase youths down about showing up at the gym on a regular basis.  My attitude about that is not going to change even as the youths' training time will expand next year.  The park district is offering an opportunity, but if the youths don't want to take it, I can't make them.

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