Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Running It For Alan

AJ shadow boxes in the ring in the photo above.  It was his first time in the class.

Alan was out for Rosh Hashanah, so Paul and I were running the gym.  Paul worked with the new people including AJ and Lawrence, then I monitored the people -- Kathy, Connor, and Robert -- who sparred.  Connor knows how to box from both orthodox and southpaw positions.  He switched up from time to time on Kathy.  Connor showed me how using foot position can help an orthodox boxer keep control over a southpaw.  I'll have to show the kids that down at LaFollette.

Here is Jenny (Paul's wife) on the double-end bag, while AJ moves around in the ring.  For some reason, the double-end bag was installed upside down.  Plus, an extra strap was attached, I guess to pull it down so the kids can use it on Tuesdays and Thursday.

I didn't get much of a workout in, so I'll make it up when I'm at LaFollette, or try to fit in a day of exercise at home.  While putting up a new shower liner in my bathroom last week, I caught sight of myself in the mirror.  I'm carrying way too much body fat around my middle.  Yeah, I do portion control and try to eat the right foods, but obviously, there's something I'm not doing right.  I have to step my game up.

I forgot about Simons Park's boxing show later this week.  I'll try to get James and maybe KeVonte to commit to participating in that show.

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