Friday, October 07, 2016

Calmer Times At Simons Park

The boxing show at Simons Park was a much more pleasant experience than what I experienced there last year.  I still get irritated when I think about De-Fetrick's ugly meltdown and the fact the guy walked off with the athletic cup I lent him for his fight.

None of my fighters were there, which was just as well.  The only two who were qualified to go would have been James and Donovan.  KeVonte has some skills, but the kid's attendance has become sporadic.  KeVonte also has a major problem with following and taking direction.  Maz hasn't been back since his bike was stolen the last time he attended class. Some of the kids, like Kewan for example, have taken to showing up late and leaving early if they show up at all.

I spent part of the time at the boxing show working the corner of Jamal, a boy who fights out of Taylor Park.  There was no one from his park to help him out; I don't know why.  Jamal did not win his fight, but he put on a good showing.  I was surprised when the kid who beat Jamal came over to the corner after to fight to shake my hand.  "Thank you!" I told him as I shook his hand.  Sometimes, the boxers in the other corners don't acknowledge me afterward.  I was appreciative of the fact that kid did.

The latter part of the show I spent judging the remaining fights.  The main event was between two adults, a couple of heavyweights named Don and Johnny.   Johnny kept waiting too long on Don to make moves.  Don stepped up and the majority of the punches were on target.  Johnny was clinching Don a lot.  The unanimous decision went to Don.

Friday is sparring day.  I didn't allow any sparring this past Wednesday because the only person prepared to spar was James.  Donovan didn't come in and Jaymerson is not allowed to spar.  As for the other kids, they all showed up late with no explanations nor apologies.  Now I have put down a new law:  when people show up late, they don't get to spar that day.

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