Monday, June 06, 2016

The Shoulders Have It

Here's a nice shot of Muhammad Ali proudly watching over his daughter, Laila, as she walks the ring.

The crowd was light at Loyola Park because the spring session is over, and a two-week break period has begun.  John, Paul, Kathy, Jesus, and Rojan were in the gym.  I begged off sparring again; my left shoulder is still jacked up, and my left knee is way off balance.

Alan sparred with Rojan, but he had to stop after awhile because his shoulder was acting up again.  "It's tender," Alan said, as he pulled off his glove.  "You and I both need to go to the doctor to have our shoulders checked," I said.  "Yeah, it could be a package deal," Alan laughed.

A woman named Alyssa came in to inquire about signing up for the boxing program.  Alan was busy watching people spar, so I answered her questions.  We talked for a long time, and I also gave her suggestions for buying bag gloves and hand wraps.  She told me me that did gymnastics when she was younger, and she took a little karate.  But she had never boxed.  It sounded like she will definitely sign up for the class.  I wish I had adults at LaFollette who were that excited about taking an interest in boxing.

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