Monday, June 13, 2016

Far North Side Punches

No sparring for me again at Loyola Park.  The same issues with my left shoulder and my left knee as usual.  

I had seen Ben (with glasses) earlier in the day when I went to move my car.  I had a chance to park it on the block where I actually live for a change, so I went for it.  Ben was riding his bike.  We chatted for awhile.  Later, when Ben came to the gym, he sparred with Jesus.

Ben also sparred with Kathy, but he was doing more defense.  Kathy took advantage of the situation and she was getting in a lot of good body shots.  

Leon stopped in and moved around with John.  Alan kept getting on John to give out more punches.  But then Leon was done not long after that, which was surprising, considering the man had just told Alan about having high stamina.  

Geniece stopped in, and she said she was going to sign up for the summer session next week.  It was very good to see her in the gym.  Alan had tracked her down and convinced her to come back, which was a good thing, especially with the park district boxing shows coming up.

This week will be quiet again at LaFollette Park because the gym is still closed -- per my preference -- until the summer session begins next week.   I will be figuring out how to whip the new people into shape fast enough to participate in the boxing show.  

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