Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Women's Sparring World

It looked as if it would be all women at Loyola Park gym.  That's all who were standing around the gym door for awhile.  Eventually, some of the guys showed up.  But it was the women who dominated the sparring action.  "It looks like Women's Workout World or Curves in here," Alan said.  "I knew you would say something like that," I said, and he grinned.

Alan held the punch doughnut for a couple of the women.  A few of the guys sparred, including David (who has a good jab) and Connor, but it was the women's show from that point forward.

Before Vachel (wearing the red shirt in the photo above) sparred with Kira, she said, "Please don't hurt me!"  She hadn't sparred in a long time.

Here, Alan helps Vachel on with her gloves.  Kira also sparred with Kathy.

I ended up sparring with Deb, Rachelle, and Carrie Ann.  I took it easy on everyone, like I usually do when they are sparring for the first time.  But here's a tip:  when sparring with someone who hasn't done that before, pay attention.  Some people think, "Oh, this is light easy work,"  not keeping in mind that a newcomer will often throw wild punches while moving oddly and/or stiffly.

EJ, in the photo above, hadn't been in the gym in ages.  It was good to see him there again.  He used to live up the block from me, but he and his family have since moved elsewhere in the neighborhood.

My fame seems to be spreading.  A pastoral resident mentioned to a member of the church I've been visiting often that he wants to learn how to box.  The member told him about me being a coach.  I'm acquainted with the pastoral resident, but he didn't know about my job.  "I'm doing a spin class now, but when that's done, I will get in touch with you about boxing.  I've been interested in that for awhile," he told me.  Another member there also learned I was a coach; he used to box a little, and he's interested in having more conversations with me about the sport.

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aboxofcarrots said...

Is this class for beginners? I've attended classes for 4 months previously and my studio just shut down. I'd like to attend this class but the last time i visited it seemed like it was for advanced students.