Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wasted Time, Money, and Training

Deshaun works on the heavy bag in the photo above.

It was another quiet day in the gym.  Too quiet.  I understand that some people can't make it to the gym every day.  Unfortunately, that means I can't put some of them in boxing matches.  I get the feeling some parents/guardians believe their kids should get a shot at competing regardless of how infrequently their kids train.

It doesn't work like that, folks.

I can't in good conscious put a kid in a match who is not showing me much when they are in the gym.  Not every kid has natural talent.  Not every kid has the potential to be the next superstar boxer who sells out stadiums and generate high pay-per-view numbers.  Add to that the fact that most of the kids they may face from the other gyms have been training hard and making good use of their gym time.  But I'm not expecting perfection.  But I do give points for making an effort and showing motivation.  The kids who do that I will support and encourage them to do their best, even if they never bring home a trophy.

I can't muster up much enthusiasm for kids who act like they don't want to be in the gym.  Constant goofing around, talking more than listening, insisting on doing anything else in the gym other than boxing, displaying poor training habits, etc., are time wasters for both the kids and I.

As far as the adults are concerned, I can't make them stick to whatever promise they made to themselves to lose weight, get healthy, or learn to compete.  It's a shame that many pay the money, show up once or twice, then disappear.

Meanwhile, the gym is open when it is open, and I'm waiting to coach.

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Good Point Waste of time Money and Training