Monday, July 13, 2015

Boxing To Make A Bad Day End Well

This is a shot of Alan and Anna between rounds.  Anna was sparring with Erica, who is a Golden Gloves winner.

My day started off with yet another visit to probate court to settle my dad's estate.  This time, my oldest half-sister, who has been fighting for control of the estate, actually showed up to court.  She finally voiced what I've always known:  that she can't stand the ground I walk on.  I was subjected to her muttering curses about me under her breath.  I almost slipped up and snapped something back to her, but sometimes, I have to be the better person.  So I didn't talk to her at all.  But I was pissed off about her remarks.

Then I learned that a friend of mine had died in a car crash a few days ago.  We both had been disparaged and put down by the pastor at the church where we both used to be members.  Those two events put a huge shadow over the day, so I had to go down to Loyola Park to clear my head.

John the teacher had a great idea.  He recorded the sparring action on his digital camera, then showed it to the participants so they could see what they needed to work on.  There was a lot of sparring, mostly by the women.  I begged off because my left knee had acted wonky while I was walking to the gym.  Erica, a Golden Glove winner, was dominate in the sparring sessions she took part in.

The other John in the gym had a fight at Garfield Park's boxing show last week, and he won.  John said the other guy was shorter than he, but very quick with his hands.

Sebastian, who I hadn't seen in a long time, stopped in.  It was very good to see him.  He said that he and his brother Gabe are planning to come back to the gym. Just in time, too, given that all the park district boxing shows are going on.

Over the past weekend, I was looking for one-pound weights to buy for LaFollette's boxing gym.  The class participants can use them during shadowboxing.  I didn't have much luck in finding a lot of them, and what I could find seemed a little too pricey.  I will get some, but I'm going to have to search a little more.

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