Sunday, April 19, 2015

Parents In The Boxing Gym

I know a few boxing coaches who believe parents and guardians are distractions who should never be allowed within 15 feet of a boxing gym.  It's true that boxing gyms attract a lot of people with opinions that don't need to be heard, and some parents and guardians fall into that category.

The welcome mat is out at my gym for parents/guardians, but I'm aware that boundaries have to be set.  There are established rules and set routines that parents/guardians have to respect.  I don't mind if someone shows up to the gym to help their kid with the workout -- for example, Rocky does just that -- if they know what they are talking about.  Rocky had boxed before, so he gives his son solid advice.  That is a great help to me during class.

But there will always be the helicopter parents/guardians who feel that should have a say in everything that goes on.  Coaches only have two options in that situation.  They can be diplomatic, point out their coaching qualifications, and emphasize the importance of the child only listening to one voice in the gym.  Or, they can be blunt and say, "Yes, I do mind that my class is being interfered with." The approach will depend a lot on the parents/guardians' attitude and the extent of the interference in gym activities.

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