Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Names Only

Once again, just like when I first writing this blog over a decade ago, I find myself running out of nicknames to describe the people in and out of the gym.  So from here on in, I'm using first names.  But I won't be posting very many pictures of the youths.  Now I'm a coach, I don't really have time to snap photos like I used to do.  There's a lot going on in the gym on most days.

Shaniya and Danyai sparred, but Shaniya was not into it at all.  She let her older sister get in a lot of hits.  She seldom threw back any punches at all, despite of me encouraging her to do so.  After a couple of rounds, I pulled Shaniya out and put Star in.  Star took a hit to her nose and started crying.  "I'm alright," she sniffed in the corner before going off to the washroom.  Later, she told me her nose was bleeding.  "Why didn't you tell me?  I've got a little first aid kit in the storage room!" I said.

Late in the class, Kody, Kyle, DeShaun, Keywon, and Jacquez showed up.  Of those five boys, Kody is the most serious about the sport.  Unfortunately, Kody only displays that seriousness when the other boys don't show up.  It wasn't long before gloves and hand wraps were being thrown around, the ropes around the ring were being leaned on, and the boys were wrestling instead of boxing.  "Why don't you all watch some boxing matches instead of watching WWE and UFC?  None of the moves in professional wrestling nor mixed martial arts can be done in boxing," I pointed out.  Kyle said, "I watched a boxing match, but I got bored."

Bored?  Really?  I began to wonder why Kyle, and some of the other kids had signed up for a sport that they don't seem to have much interest in.  Now I understand why some coaches grumble about wasting their time training some people.  "We've got a boxing show here in July.  The way people train is going to show up during a real fight.  The kids at the other boxing gyms don't play while training, but I keep seeing that going on in here," I warned for the umpteenth time.  The boys continued to goof off.  Fortunately, they left early.

Arthur and Tyren came in for the teen class and went through the workout.  I wish I had more like them in the kids' class.  They come in, do their workout, and work well together when they spar.  I never have to raise my voice when they are there.  There are seven kids in the teen class; Kyle and DeShaun are supposed to be in that class, but they show up during the last half-hour or so of the kids' class. But then, I can't see Kyle or DeShaun being well-matched up with Arthur and Tyren, especially when it comes to sparring.  Anthony would be a better fit, but he came in too early, then didn't stick around for the teen class to start.

When the summer session starts in June, I won't keep making accommodations for kids who are involved in other sports and activities.  Boxing is an all in sport, and those who sign up for it are going to have to deal with that.  The time changes of the youth classes, due to the adult class starting, will hopefully force youths to be on time, be prepared, or be left out.

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