Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don't Fight Angry

This is a photo of the ring with ropes around it.  Next month, I hope to fill out the gym with extra equipment based on what will be available in the field house's budget.  The kids keep asking me about putting in another Cobra bag or two.  Since the kids kept treating the old one like a toy, I can't justify putting another in that will come up broken as well.

Thinking back on a sparring session between a pair of twins in the gym, I see that I have to double my efforts to communicate to the youths that fighting while angry is not cool.  In fact, that's not cool to do either in the ring, the cage, on the mat, or in a street fight.  Too many mistakes get made when emotion is behind the hits.  People lose fights, and a lot of times, become seriously hurt.  Having a cool head in order to think is a big advantage during any fight.

Unfortunately, a lot of the kids are used to schoolyard squabbles and sidewalk beat downs. In that neighborhood, few kids can take the stance of  "I'd rather talk it out than fight", "Fighting doesn't solve anything", "I'm too ladylike to slap someone", and other similar pacifistic statements. I grew up over there, so I understand.  Often, I hear some of them say they had to take on two or more people at one time. Most of my fights in grade school consisted of me against several attackers.  However, being calm and logical is the difference between getting away and being laid out on the ground.

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