Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another Week, Another Fight

A couple of the kids spar as two other kids look on.

Had to break up yet another real fight this week.  Princess was at the center of it again.  I couldn't understand it. . . Princess had just sparred with the girl whom she was picking on.  The other girl got the best of the situation because Princess does next to no training when she's in the gym.  The other girl made fun of Princess for not throwing punches back.  Then Princess exacted revenge by insulting the girl.  The other girl, who is taller than Princess and not afraid to throw punches, got one lick in on Princess before I stepped in to stop it.

Princess gets on my nerves -- and those of the other kids -- most of the time.  But when she chooses to act right, she's not a bad kid.  She told me she no longer wanted to spar with the other girl.  Under the circumstances, it would not be a bad idea to keep those two apart for awhile.  But I ran punch mitts drills with Princess and told her she can't freeze up like that in the ring.

A new 14 year old girl came in, and as her mother described her, she is a bit on the shy side.  However, her punches aren't bad at all.  She was the only person in the teen class -- as all the other teens have disappeared for the moment -- so I got a chance to take my time and work with her.  I would have liked to move around more with her, but my left knee has really been painin' me, like my grandmother used to say.  My lower back has been acting up as well.  I've kept my knee taped up, and Mineral Ice slathered on my back, in-between soaking in hot baths.

The gym will be open earlier on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.  But hardly any kids showed up around Thanksgiving, and I'm expecting the same next week.  If that's the case, I'll have extra time to think and plan what I'm going to do during the winter session that begins in January.

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