Thursday, November 20, 2014

Refereeing The Girls

Lord, help those of us who work with kids.   The girl I was grumbling about in the previous post -- let's call her Princess -- got into it with another girl -- let's call her LaLa -- in the gym.  I overheard an exchange of words that included insults about LaLa's mom.  I thought things had died down when Princess, LaLa, and two other girls ran into the women's washroom.

Moments later, Princess is walking around the gym sulking, and throwing insults at the other girls after they emerged from the washroom.  Allegedly, LaLa or one of the other two girls hit Princess in the face.  It took me about ten minutes to get the details about what exactly started the incident, and everyone's part in it.  Then I had to endure another twenty minutes of the girls screaming and yelling at the top of their voices as they disputed each others' facts.  Nothing got done in terms of training because the other kids stood around to watch and add their two cents.

I got on both Princess and LaLa about wanting to give each other beat downs over insults.  "They all were rolling their eyes at me and laughing," Princess snapped.  "Princess, you will never be able to control what people do, think, or say, so get over it now," I told her.  I also told the both of them that they could not resort to putting their hands on every and anybody who said something out of turn to them.  Neither one of them really listened to me.  After I told the both of them to drop their beef, Princess kept talking and keeping confusion going for another several minutes.  I knew Princess had started the mess.  If she had been paying attention and training instead of goofing off and playing around like she always does, the whole incident would not have happened.

Princess was walking around sniffing and crying.  One of the other girls convinced LaLa to apologize, but Princess wouldn't accept the apology.  A continuation of the argument was brewing again.  "Drop it now," I warned the both of them.

I noted that while Princess made threats to LaLa, the two other girls, and LaLa's older sister, she apparently didn't throw a punch back when she was allegedly hit in the girls' washroom.  That just further proved to me that Princess hasn't been paying attention in class.  Oh, she still would have been in trouble for fighting, but at least I would have had proof that she was learning something.

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Annie Crow said...

Blessings on you and all who work with children/youth, especially in these more informal settings where you have to set the rules (and no one else to follow up to make them consistent). It's hard enough refereeing my two boys.

I wanted to let you know that I'm getting a lot out of the skills/conditioning book you recommended. I had thought my strength workouts were halfway decent (and they might be by running standards) but wow! It's definitely upping my game and I'm barely dipping into that book.