Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Visit To Loyola Park

If you think the man in the photo above looks tired, you'd be correct.  Alan was too tired to work out the night I paid a visit to Loyola Park.  Luckily, it was a light night.  Not too many people came in.

It felt good to get in an hour and a half workout, as opposed to the twenty minute ones I usually get in at LaFollette Park.  It also felt good to hit a speed bag, a body snatcher bag, a double end bag, and move around in a ring that has ropes and a dark canvas -- things that aren't in place yet at LaFollette.

Colonel was in the gym, and in fine form as usual.

Martin was in the gym.  He wants to check out LaFollette sometimes.

Martin sparred with Jesus, shown here on the speed bag.

Professor was in the gym, but he didn't stay long.  Colonel commented that Professor had lost some weight.  Professor it was due to having been sick recently.

The woman in the above photo is originally from Peru.  Unfortunately, I can't remember her name.  But I had my coach's hat on for a minute, showing her how to throw jabs and rights.

Back at LaFollette, I made an announcement when the playing got out of hand -- again.  I told the kids if they were not training, they needed to leave the gym.  It's always the same kids -- some who are signed up for the class, and a few who are not, but want to hang around.  About ninety percent of the kids left.  I shook my head.  Most of them aren't going to learn how to box.  I can't fight their lack of interest in the sport.  I also can't do much about a lot of the discipline problems because that has to be dealt with at their homes.  I guess one of the kids really don't like me enforcing rules because they tore up a sign I had posted outside the gym that had some rules on it.  How nice.

Another staff member told that I have to continue to get across to the kids that the boxing gym is not a play area.  Easier said than done.  However, I have to have order, and I'm going to get it.  If that means some kids need to drop out of the program, than so be it.  But I can't allow some of the kids to continually turn the gym into a free-for-all, anything goes area.

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