Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yay! The Boys Came In

For the past few weeks, I've only had two girls who show up to the eight to twelve year old boxing class on a fairly regular basis.  The girls have a slight interest in boxing, and it's been tough to keep them focused.  "If only I had some boys in here who would show a little more interest than the girls," I kept thinking to myself.

Two answers to my prayers happened.  Earlier this week, I learned that the fliers for the boxing class are finally done.  I received a copy of what they will look like.  The should be in my hands next week so I can distribute them to the schools.  Then two boys, aged ten and aged eight, walked into the gym.

I had been a little tired all afternoon.  I was nodding off on the bus on the way to LaFollette Park.  When no kids had showed up at all, I figured it was going to be a slow time.  I was sitting alone in the gym, ready to nod off again.  Then the two boys came in with their mom, and I perked up immediately.  The boys were in the middle of learning the punches, when one of the girls ran in late.

She has been the only kid in the gym for awhile, and she had become used to doing what she wanted to do, most of which has nothing to do with boxing.  I just rode it out because eventually I knew other kids would show up.  In fact, I had told the girl that more kids were on the way.  The two boys were very interested in learning the basics, while the girl jumped from one thing to another.  Then, after only having been in the gym for about ten minutes, the girl left to go to cheer leading practice.

I went through all the six main punches with the boys, including some pad work.  I also showed them footwork.  We went kind of quickly, but the next time they come in, we will review the punches again.  I also want to start them on learning combinations in the next class. Their mother was concerned about them sparring.  I promised her that would be a few weeks off, and only if her sons wanted to do it.  No sense in me putting kids in the ring too early.

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carlsoki said...

Really awesome that you're starting up a boxing program! Wishing you and the program lots of success!