Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Exercise and More Kids

At last count, I had four kids in the 8-to-12 year old boxing class, but none in the teens' class.  One girl has begun to show up with some consistency, but the other kids haven't been to the class for days.  I think there is some confusion about when the gym is open.  I typed up a brief info sheet for parents to let them know not only the times of the class, but what the kids will need for the gym.

The sheet came in handy when the little girl's father came in to see how she was doing.  It was also helpful when a woman came in with her two sons, one eight years old, and the other 10 years old.  She told me that her sons are also involved in other activities.  Most of the kids who hang around the field house are, not just at the field house but at the schools they attend.  I told the woman that I don't expect the youths to attend every class during the week, but they should attend at least two times a week.  She agreed, and hopefully, her sons will be in the gym tomorrow.

There's a mat in the gym now, so floor exercises like push-ups and crunches can be done.  According to my lesson plan, floor exercises should have been going on for awhile.  I just now started introducing the one student I have to doing warm-up exercises.  I thought that I would be standing off to the side and directing the exercise segments.  The one girl in the class likes when I do the exercises with her.  I hadn't done push ups or crunches in awhile.  It left me sore, and made me realize I need to resume doing those exercises.

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