Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Justin's Ready For A Fight

In this photo, there's a crowd at ringside as Justin and Nick spar.  Before getting into the ring, Nick asked me to give him some tips.  "Justin kicked my ass the last time," Nick said.  "Got that right," I said without thinking.  "I'm sorry!' I said, but Nick waved me off.  "No, don't worry about it because it was true," he said.

Nick was better prepared this time around.  Justin threw a flurry of lefts and rights that frustrated Nick.  Nick stopped for a moment, but he continued on.

Justin also sparred with Ken.  Alan talked to Justin about sparring tomorrow at Sheridan Park, so the sparring was a warm up for the fight Justin may get.  Alan kept telling Justin to go easy after Ken ate a few hard punches including an uppercut to the chin.

Justin's buddies were taping their friend's sparring and cheering him on.

Geniece came in, but she couldn't spar because she hurt her right hand.  A door slammed on it.  Luckily, no bones were broken.  Diana didn't want to spar, so I had no opportunity to get into the ring.

Mary congratulated me on getting the coach's job at La Follette Park.  Yesterday, I told Barry and Jilberto who congratulated me as well.  Others in the gym said they were sorry to see me go, but were happy that I got the job.  Still no word on when I start over there yet.  It might not be until next month when the fall session begins.

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