Monday, August 04, 2014

A Change In Focus

Alan focuses on a sparring session while Justin's friends -- he brought in two more to add to the entourage --stand nearby and keep up a running commentary.  Moments earlier, Alan commented that there were more of Justin's friends in the gym than the regular participants.  It had been raining on and off all afternoon, so that may have kept some people away.  Rachel came in with her adorable two year old daughter and a French exchange student who is staying with her for awhile, but they didn't stay.

Justin sparred with Alan, but unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of that.  Justin was throwing a lot of uppercuts to Alan's middle and delivering a lot of jabs.  Alan put pressure on Justin, backing him up.  Justin fell, but not because of being hit.  Justin quickly flipped up onto his feet as his friends cheered him on.

Nick sparred with Jesus and did well.  Jesus did very well, too, moving in and out, and throwing punches with good precision.  Both guys were bleeding a little.  However, I was surprised when Nick was the first one to draw blood.

I sparred with Octavio, and we went light.  Well. . .I went light.  Alan told Octavio, "Hit her!  She can take it!"  We did a couple of rounds.

I told Alan, "I'm breaking up with you."  "You got the job?  Good for you!" he smiled.  I turned in paperwork -- you know, copies of my Social Security card, W-2 form, etc. -- to the main Chicago Park District office earlier today.  I'm going in for a drug test and getting fingerprinted tomorrow.  I'll be the coach of a boxing program at a field house near the old neighborhood I grew up in on the west side.  Ought to be interesting.

That means this blog will change in the near future.  I probably won't change the name since it's been that since 2005, but the focus will be a little different.

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Annie Crow said...

Congratulations! Can you say where you'll be coaching?

I've been reading this blog for a couple of months now and am always grateful to see a new posting. I'm a middle-aged mom of young boys who recently took up boxing - had been taking classes through my gym but we're moving so I'll have to find someplace else. And actually the last month I've just been practicing on my own. Just good to see other women (and older ones) out there doing it.