Monday, July 21, 2014

Colonel and I Agree On Pain

Colonel grumbled, "I thought I had Lyme's Disease because I was somewhere where there were a lot of ticks.  But it's not that.  I just hurt all over."  I felt the same way.  I must be used to chronic pain, because I feel some sort of pain every day.  My knees are very stiff and sore, my right shoulder hurts, the right side of my neck hurts. . . .it never seems to stop.

Alan convinced Joseph to spar with Keith.  "That was quite the workout," Joseph grinned afterwards.

Keith also sparred with Ken.  I think they only did two rounds.  I saw Ken wave his hands when Alan asked if he wanted to do another round.

Alan put Geniece in with Jesus, and they did not hold back much on each other.

Ugh.  I really need to take some aspirin and lay down. . . .

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