Monday, April 28, 2014

Women's Sparring Time

First of all, let me post this information as a favor to the folks at Gleason's Gym, a famous boxing gym in New York City:

Direct from Israel - Authentic Krav Maga from the leading experts in the field.

For the first time, New Yorkers can learn the 'contact combat' system of Krav Maga self defense from the men who train the Israeli military and the U.S. Navy Seals. Ran Nakash and Itay Dannenberg of Nakash Krav Maga International (based in Tel Aviv) will share their techniques with the U.S. public for the first time.

A Women's Self Defense course for women only will be held on Sunday, May 4 from10am to 1pm. 
The location is 
Gleason's Gym
77 Front St. 2nd Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718 797 2872

The cost of this three hour course is $75. 

If any of you all are in the NYC area or are traveling there, check this out.  It sounds very interesting.  Remember that movie with Jennifer Lopez called Enough?  Her character used Krav Maga to battle her way out of an abusive situation.

I keep thinking about boxer Maxie Rosenbloom, known by the nickname "Slapsie" Maxie.  The nickname was because Rosenbloom fought with an open glove style or "slapping".  I tried to throw some slapping punches against the heavy bag, but I quickly saw how those type of punches aren't good to use all the time. Regular slaps have their place outside of the gym but not in boxing.

I begged off of sparring, but all of the other women did except for Alicia.  In the photo above, Brandy and Geniece spar.  Alan told them to slow down, but they didn't slow down much.  Brandy took a shot to her nose, and Geniece had her head rocked back a few times.  They had many good exchanges between each other.

Naomi returned to the gym.  She explained that she had been out of town for awhile.  I noticed that Brandy had to punch down to reach Naomi.  Keith asked me about Naomi, "Is she very young or just very short?"  "Both," I answered.

Professor held the punch mitts for people including Naomi.  In this photo, Professor had her move around the ring and throw punches as she went.

I told Alan about running into Carlos last week.  "I remember him.  Carlos was a tough fighter," Alan said.  He asked me about tall, lanky Matthew that used to come to the gym.  I was thinking about Matthew recently; I wondered what happened to him, too.

Alan and Keith had a bit of a brawl during their sparring session.  Alan wound up one hand in preparation to throw a punch with the other hand, but Keith popped him with a jab before Alan could throw the punch.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone cut Alan off from doing that move before.

I wasn't feeling as sore as I was last week, but I decided to take it easy anyway.  Didn't do much work on the equipment, but I did a lot of shadowboxing.  The next time I come down to the gym, I might do some sparring.

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