Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Ladies Take Over The Ring Again

Professor's ankle is getting better, so he did some sparring.  First up was Geniece, whom Alan believes could be a boxing champion.  "She has great focus," Alan said.  I think she could do well, too.  She is looking forward to the upcoming Chicago Park District boxing shows.  A schedule hasn't come out, but it should be forthcoming soon.

Professor also sparred with Josh, and that was a bit of a mini war.  Josh was throwing a lot of wild punches. Alan kept telling him to slow down and loosen up.  Josh hit Professor with a punch that irritated him. I wasn't sure if it was an illegal move or not; it happened very fast.  "Don't do that," Professor told him.  They were trading some hard punches, especially as time went on.  Alan wiped Josh's face in-between rounds; I think Josh might have been bleeding a little.

I only sparred with Vachel.  We did two rounds.  Vachel was squealing and Alan joked, "Stop scaring people."  She turned her back at one point, and a punch of mine ended up hitting her in the back.  "Don't turn your back," Alan said.  "I couldn't help it!  I was trying to get out of the corner," she said.

I have to resist the urge to call Naomi "Little Bit".  That's a common nickname in the African-American community for a woman who is very short and very petite, which Naomi is.  She sparred with Katie, who is taller and has a longer reach.  "You have to fight on the inside even if you have to eat a punch," Alan told her. "Remember what we practiced the other day?  Do the dip," Professor told Naomi.  Naomi did not bob and weave, but she did lean back several times to avoid Katie's punches.

No sign of Igor, and Jason didn't come in, either.  But Jason was coughing and hacking the other day, so I assumed that's what kept him away.  Keith, Luis, and Andrew weren't there as well, so the gym was populated mostly by women.  That happens from time to time, depending on how many women have signed up during any particular session.

Professor sparred with Patrick.  They only did one round.  It appears that Patrick is still getting used to the feel of the ring.

Alan didn't put his workout clothes on.  After accidentally locking his keys in his car earlier in the day, Alan had to take public transportation back to his house to get an extra set of keys.  Sounded like the man had to take a three-hour-tour, and it tired Alan out. "You know I hate having to take CTA to go places," he said, wincing.  The Chicago Transit Authority is a pain, but after I lost my last car in an accident, it was amazing how quickly I got used to dealing with trains and buses again.  But I guess it's a different story for those who have owned vehicles for a long time and seldom had to use public transportation.

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