Monday, December 16, 2013

The Fix In The Gym

I was waiting outside of the gym door and time was marching on.  No sign of Alan.  Colonel came in.  "We're the only ones here?" he asked.  A moment later, Caroline came down the hall to tell us that Mary had called Alan earlier.  Mary told Alan that the new boxing ring was being put up, and that he might have to hold class in one of the other two gyms in the field house.  Colonel asked Caroline to open up the door so we could see what work had been done.  I had noticed that some of the pieces of the new ring were no longer in the hallway outside the gym entrance.

The new ring looked like it's coming along fine.  But everything else in the gym had been moved around to make room.  "There's no room for one person to workout in there today," Colonel said.  He and I decided to leave and call Alan later.  As we were driving away, we saw Alan driving up.  Colonel turned the car around and caught up with him.  "But we could go into the other gym," Alan said.  "No, we'd be in the way," Colonel said, indicating the kids playing basketball in that gym.

It makes sense that the new ring would be put up now.  After all, officially, the gym is on break.  The people putting up the gym had no way of knowing people are in the gym regardless of the session being over.  There's always the chance that we might not be able the train in the gym until January.  But we'll have a new ring that is elevated instead of on the floor.


nkm said...

Wow! awesome. you gotta upload some pics when things are set up. i'm siked to get back and see things in person.

John Green said...

hill- i have some photos for you and your blog. email me at so i can send them to you. i'm siked to see the new ring. upload pics as soon as you can. have a great holiday time and new year. also- if you can tell coach that i'd like to "invite"(challenge) the guy who flaked out of our bout to the loyola fight night. this guy really needs to show up.