Monday, December 09, 2013

After My Birthday

I had my camera with me at the gym, but I forgot to take pictures.  So instead, I have pictures of my house.  This photo is of the bag I normally take to the gym.  Lately, I've been carrying a smaller bag to ease the weight on my shoulder.

My birthday was yesterday, but it was too cold and snowy to really go anywhere.  I went out briefly to run an errand, and quickly came back home.  I ran into a neighbor whom I told, "I'm going to get in my pajamas and chill out."  Today's weather wasn't any better, with the temperature being eight degrees.  When Alan and I got inside the gym, we quickly realized that there wasn't going to be any heat.  The radiators in the gym haven't been working properly for several weeks.  However, there was wood stacked in the gym, a sign that preparations to put the new ring up have begun.

Gabriel came in later, and there was only the three of us in the gym.  There was no sparring, just doing a regular workout.  Gabriel and I did a burn out later in the evening.

This is my desk where I write this blog.  I know. . .the laptop can barely be seen due to all the clutter.  The desks at the places I worked were always cleaner than the one at home.

Gabriel asked Alan how many fights he had back in the day; Alan had thirty of them.  "What was your record?" Gabriel asked.  "Twenty-two and eight," the coach replied.  "That's not bad," Gabriel smiled.  "Not bad, but not good," Alan grinned.  "That's better than me!" Gabriel said.

This is a picture of no man's land, er, my kitchen.  This room has been neglected for awhile.  I had a little extra money, so I felt justified in ordering food out instead of cleaning this room when I got home.  Let me be truthful.  I would have made the excuse of being tired from the gym, normally made myself a peanut butter sandwich, and the kitchen still would not been cleaned up.  The peanut butter sandwich probably would have been healthier than the Chinese food I had, however.

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