Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another Quiet Workout

"I've never seen it this quiet in here," Alan told Matthew.  We were the only three in the gym.  Later, Alan asked if it had ever been that quiet when Steve was the coach.  It was, from time to time.  Boxing is not only a tough sport.  Some people find the sport repetitive during the training process.  At least that's what I've heard from those who think MMA is more exciting.

No sparring again.  Matthew may have been willing, but Alan asked me first when Matthew was out of the room for a moment.  It's been hard to try to get over the current lack of motivation I have about sparring and competing.  But I may be coming out from under the fog I've been in since early September.  Today, I felt a little more energized than I have been for the last couple of months.

Alan's eye still looked a little swollen, but he wasn't complaining about any pain or trouble seeing, so that was a good sign.  He and I did a burn-out on the black heavy bag, and then Matthew and I did a burn-out.

Alan brought a box of hangers in.  The coach is always taking some home because he hangs his street clothes on them, but he brings them back.  This time, a neighbor of his had thrown out a lot of hangers, so Alan figured they would be useful down at the gym.  I have to remember to tell the new people who'll be in for the winter session in January to think twice before putting their belongings on that rack, however.  I still remember when Sadiq's book bag was stolen a few years ago.

Here I am, fanning myself with one of my bag gloves shortly after doing one of the burn outs.  Jilberto checked the radiators in the gym, and it appears they need to be fixed.  I was sweating, but there was no heat on.  Moving around during the workout helps generate some heat, but not enough when there's none coming from the radiators during the cold weather months.

I don't know why I though a white T-shirt hanging out from under the shorter, darker T-shirt I had on over it was a good look.  Maybe the fact that I'm running out of clean clothes and the laundry needing to be done had something to do with that.  Well, the clothes served the purpose of being workout material, so I guess that's all that matters.

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I love seeing YOU in your photos! xoxo Lisa