Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Few For Fighting

It was awhile before I realized how quiet it was in the gym.  I turned the radio on for background noise after about 40 minutes.  There weren't that many of us in the gym that evening, only myself, Orest, Phil, and Alan.

I've been noticing that lately, when people stop in to check the gym out, they usually find it a little empty. It's a concern to those who've had some boxing experience and to those who are used to training in gyms that are always busy.  For others, the lack of crowds they see on that particular day is a relief, particularly if they give a hint that they are looking for personal attention if they sign up.

Orest, who has had several fights, including one at the Golden Gloves, told Alan he'd like to get another fight. In the photo above, Alan holds the punch shield for Orest.

Phil and Orest are both of Ukrainian heritage; Phil explained to me that an annual debutante ball is a big event in the Ukrainian community.  Orest was grumbling about a girl who really wants him to take her to the debutante ball.  Both Phil and Orest know her, and they don't think she's a bad person.  But neither thinks she's a good match for Orest.  "Girls. . . .Hillari, you wouldn't understand," Phil joked.

Alan's left eye was blinking a lot.  He has to go to the doctor for a follow-up exam.  But it appeared that he's able to see more out of it than before, which is a good thing.  Earlier in the evening, Jilberto told Alan and I about a relative of his who had an eye replaced.  They were able to see out of it for a minute, but permanently lost sight in that eye because of not following the doctor's orders in regards to taking care of it. I told them about one of my uncles who lost an eye during a bar fight forty years ago.  My uncle had to have a glass eye put in because his lost eye wasn't found after the fight.  I have a feeling that my uncle's eye wouldn't have been able to be saved even if it had been found.  Medical technology was not as advanced back then as it is now.

I focused on practicing uppercuts, spending several rounds on the body snatcher bag.  I keep thinking that if I get a fight before year's end, it would be a good idea to work on that particular punch.  But I'm kind of doubting I'll be fighting this year at all for two reasons.  First of all, I usually get two or three fights during the last four months of the year, but there have been none available.  Second of all, I haven't had the focus I should have.  At the beginning of the time when I should have been concentrating on fights, I was locked in conflict with the pastor and administrative board members over being terminated from my former job.  Luckily, Steve, the former coach, taught me about working the fighters' corners, and taught me some things about coaching (just like Alan has, as well), so I can still participate in matches even if I'm not fighting.

Colonel sent me an email about a coaches' clinic taking place in Milwaukee, WI.  I already attended a coaches' clinic back in August to learn about the new rules that USA Boxing has.  Milwaukee is about two hours and a half from where I'm at (driving, that is), but I'd rather not have to go up there to renew my license for the year.  There's plenty of places in Illinois where clinics can be held that would be more accessible for me.  Sigh. . . .I'll have to investigate to find out more about it.

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