Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Punching On Columbus Day

In this photo, Anthony (on the left) spars with Matthew.  I believe it was Anthony's first time sparring.  "I'm glad I did that.  Sparring is intense," Anthony said afterwards.  I almost didn't recognize him when he first walked into the field house; Anthony was wearing a pair of glasses.

Anthony told me he'd been an athlete in high school, taking up all kinds of sports including football and wrestling.  An injury -- one of his fingers was pulled backwards -- cut down on the football, but Anthony continued to participate in everything else.  Matthew displayed more of his growing confidence in the ring against Anthony while they sparred.  However, after much prompting from Alan, Anthony threw straight punches and landed a few of then effectively.

Tall John and Keith sparred.  I have to come up with new nicknames for both of the guys named John who are currently in the gym so to distinguish between them.  Bearded John shaved his beard off (Tall John showed up clean shaven as well).

Colonel came in, but had to leave early.  "My knee is killing me.  I should have known something was up earlier.  When I was out walking my pets, my knee buckled on me three times," he told me as he rubbed it.  My right knee hasn't done that to me in awhile, but I know that is not a good feeling.  Colonel said he'll go swimming tomorrow; it helps his joints because there's no pressure on them.  I wish I knew how to the swim because I'd be working out my knees in the pool every day.

Tall John and I sparred, even though I didn't really give Alan an answer about whether I would spar or not.  I haven't been much in a sparring mood since early last month, but I need to spar because it clears some of the clouds that have been hanging over my head.

Alan told me he had talked to Bill over at Hamlin Park.  There's no fight available for me.  A list of Hamlin fighters that is in the gym has three females listed on it.  All of the female fighters are younger than I and lighter in weight.  It figures, since I'm experiencing a "when it rains it pours" situation in my life at the moment. I'm disappointed on one hand, but on the other hand I'm figuring it's just as well.   It's always better for a boxer to go into a fight with a cool head than with a heart full of rage.  My focus in the gym has been off ever since I lost my job, and my anger about the loss of income and how unjustly that situation went down is going to continue to boil inside me for a long, long time.  Maybe it will have lifted enough for me to take the next fight opportunity that comes up.

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