Thursday, October 10, 2013

Polished Boxing

Alan wondered where everyone was not long after he opened the gym door.  Outside of myself, the only other people there were Matt and Heather.  "It's not quite the middle of the session, yet people are already gone," I commented.  But not long afterwards, people started trickling in.  Marcus is in the picture above.

A guy named Jeff stopped in.  "I really want to get back in shape and maybe spar a little," Jeff said.  Jeff used to box at Welles Park years ago.  There's no longer a boxing program over there.  Alan and I talked to him a little more, then Jeff said he would come back on Monday to sign up.  Jeff mentioned that his girlfriend was interested in boxing, too.  "Bring her in," I told Jeff.

The only sparring done was between 5 ft. 1 me and 6 ft. 4 Matthew.  I dodged his long reach for a time, but not often enough.  I really made an effort to be an inside fighter, but my head got cracked more than once. As usual, I went in to throw the body shots, but neglected to protect my head.  Finally, Alan reminded me to keep my hands up.

I wasn't moving my head enough either.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get that straight.  I never seem to be able to coordinate moving my head and throwing punches.  Twice I got Matthew with overhand rights, but while they landed, I knew I hadn't quite thrown them correctly as I should.

Afterwards, Matthew apologized for hitting hard at times, but I told him not to worry about it.  Colonel was watching from ringside.  He told me that I looked more "polished" and Alan agreed with him.  I might get a fight at Hamlin, but that all depends on whom Bill has available over there for me to box.  Matthew may get a fight at that show as well.

Later, I was throwing some crisp hooks on the heavy bag.  Alan told me I should hit like that during sparring as well as regular bouts.  "I was visualizing people that I'm angry with while I was throwing the hooks," I told Alan, and he grinned.  If I would channel that anger into my next fight, I would probably win.

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