Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fighting Through and With Moods

In the above photo, Matthew shadow boxes in the ring.  Matthew hadn't been in for awhile because he took a brief vacation.  He's planning to sign up for the fall session which begins on Monday.  Matthew might compete in Loyola Park's boxing show later this month, but it depends on how much training he gets in between now and then.

Alan asked me how I felt, and I replied there hadn't been much of a change in my emotions.  When I lost a job in 2008 due to being laid off, I expected that was going to happen due to financial issues the company I worked for was experiencing.  But losing a job this time had nothing to do with financial issues nor my work performance, but everything to do with a "scorched earth" agenda that's been in place for some time.  I was just the latest victim of that agenda.  Alan told me, "Hillari, I know it's hard, but you can't stay in this funk.  You've got to remain proactive and keep moving on."

Gabriel came in for a short while, but he didn't work out.  However, Gabriel wants to get a fight at Eckhart Park tomorrow.  Alan and I plan to be in his corner.  This time, I'll remember to wear the corner man's jacket that Amy brought as a gift for me.  I'm not going to bring my gear, because I've never seen any women trying to get fights at Eckhart, and I've never had a fight there.  Besides, I need to be mentally ready for a fight, and judging by my mood lately, I'm not ready to take on one tomorrow.

Alan said that Mary inquired as to how many people should be allowed to sign up for the gym.  Alan told her to take as many as will sign up.  "Unfortunately, after two weeks, a lot of people will drop out," Alan said, which is true.  I'm starting to get irritated when people don't even stick around long enough to learn how to do the workout and miss out on a great exercise routine.  People are told over and over that they are NOT required to spar, but some people get skittish and bail out anyway.

This photo was taken near the end of the evening.  I should be concerned about being barefoot on a wood floor due to the possibility of getting splinters, but I don't think about it much.  If my feet appear to have light patches it's because they do.  I wore sandals a lot over the summer, especially on very hot days like this one was, and I was always standing in the sun.  My feet became tanned in spots.

Tomorrow is yet another day of me with a lot of time on my hands to fill until the boxing show at Eckhart Park.  A friend who've I known since kindergarten told me she's always believed that I was very smart, and that things would work out okay in my situation.  But I often wonder why someone as smart as me keeps getting the short end of the stick in the workplace.  

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