Monday, September 09, 2013

Drama All Around

"It's hard to work off depression", Alan told me.  I showed up at the gym, but I wasn't completely into the workout.  Alan knew something was up when I turned down a chance to spar with Gabriel.

Things really went south at the end of last week.  I spent a lot of time on the computer today looking for a new job.  I contacted Arnold, who hasn't been in the gym for awhile.  Arnold runs a preschool.  Several months ago, he told me I'd probably be a good candidate for a job there.  Several other people have told me they would be on the lookout for positions they may come across as well, so something may happen for me in the near future.  But the battles at work put a damper on the boxing workout.  I was angry that I allowed myself to be sidetracked at the gym by that.

On my way to the gym, I saw John, who was working out in the park.  He's already signed up for the fall session.  John didn't know that the gym was open, even though it's in-between sessions.  "I wish I had known that!  I would have been in there today," John told me.

Outside of Alan and myself, only Gabriel, Professor, and Colonel came in.  All day long I had the radio on, and I kept hearing reports that the temperatures were in the 90s.  I was comfortable in my apartment.  But then I came outside, and I found out quickly that the weather reports weren't joking.  When the temperatures go up, people tend to stay away from working out inside.  "It doesn't bother me," Gabriel said.  "Me, neither.  I just deal with the heat," I replied.

Professor and Gabriel sparred, and Professor got some good shots in.

Professor's been putting up a lot of videos on Facebook of himself working out hard.  He's really getting into shape for upcoming fights.

Gabriel told me that someone stole a pair of gloves from him right out of his garage.  His brother Sebastian had locked his bike outside of a Metra station, and that was stolen.  Colonel told me he nearly had to break off a cab driver for doing something out of pocket.  Seems like everybody is going through some sort of drama.  It must be something in the air.

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