Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Temperatures Rising

Alan left a message for me around noon -- the coach twisted his ankle and wouldn't be at the gym.  That meant no sparring.  But it was just as well because the gym was steaming hot, and it felt like the temperatures kept climbing and climbing.

As usual when the coach is out, people who haven't been around for awhile decide to drop in.  Igor, who hadn't been around for about a week, showed up.  Josh came in about twenty minutes before the gym closed.

Teeherah left early, probably due to the heat.  That left me as the only woman in the gym.  The guys soldiered on, doing light sparring drills.  In the picture above, Gabriel held pads for both Franco and Tony.  Franco was wearing some nice handwraps that he brought while on vacation in Italy.

Everybody was soaked with sweat.  I kept sitting down in-between rounds, and drinking water to conserve energy.  Several people didn't stick around until the end, and I didn't blame them.

It's hard to work out when the temperatures are high.  I felt like I was slogging through, but I had to get it in.  Before the summer is out, I need to either a) get my tail out of bed early on Saturday to participate in the workout that Emmanuel runs on those days or b) get up to Hamlin to get some extra sparring in, hopefully with Meg.

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